Jason Momoa wore a matching scrunchie to the Oscars

We all know Jason Momoa. He was Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones. He played Aquaman in Aquaman. He may be the only man alive (other than Lenny Kravitz) who is cool enough to stand next to Lisa Bonet without immediately looking like a dork. And now he’s done the impossible – he’s brought scrunchies back and he did it at the Academy Awards aka the fanciest night in fancy Hollywood. Our grade three selves thank you.

We first saw Momoa on the red carpet with wife Bonet, but we almost missed the matching scrunchie because we were so shook by the stunning couple matching one another. It’s Jason and Lisa’s world and we’re just living in it.

We had a better angle of the scrunchie later in the show when Jason Momoa presented Best Documentary alongside Helen Mirren. Standing on stage in his light pink crushed velvet Fendi tux that was designed specifically for the actor by Karl Lagerfeld, we got a closer look at an accessory that has been out of circulation for decades. So that’s how Momoa keep those long locks in check.

Lagerfeld designed both Momoa and Bonet’s Oscar looks shortly before he passed away on Tuesday at age 85. The late designer left behind countless iconic fashion moments, but the scrunchie just made our Top 5.

Momoa may need to start an Etsy store for scrunchies, because the response on Twitter has been as strong as a Jason Momoa ab muscle. So strong. So beautiful. So tempting to rest our head on as the ultimate pillow.

We look forward to Jason Momoa bringing slap bracelets, jelly sandals and butterfly clips back into rotation.


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